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At Loven Light Events we aim to bring you the best entertainment for your wedding. With three different packages we are positive that we can provide you with the service that fits your event needs best.
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What makes us special and unique?

     At Loven Light Events your DJ works closely with your wedding planner on the same wedding day timeline that takes numerous hours to create. They will have zoom sessions with you in order to fit in every special moment that you have envisioned for your wedding. Our DJ has worked over one hundred weddings and has been a part of Loven Light Events, Wedding Planning team on numerous weddings. When you have a DJ/MC and wedding planner that work well together, you can be confident that ever detail of your big day will be absolutely perfect.



DJ & Lighting

If you are looking for someone to MC and DJ your wedding, look no further. Our DJ comes with so much experience you will not have to worry about a thing and they will keep the vibes going throughout your whole event. Our DJ will start the day off with your preferred choice of music that your guests will enjoy upon arrival. They will make sure the ceremony audio and music flows flawlessly. Cocktail hour music will also be provided. Our DJ will ensure that everything runs on time and flows smoothly by making sure we guide your guests throughout the night with their MCing ability.


So you have a DJ, but you need some extra event lighting to ensure that your day is nothing but perfect. Your DJ will bring uplights and set them up wherever you and your planner have decided that they will look the best. You don't want to just have the overhead lighting that is at most venues. With our uplights you will be able to choose which ever color you would like in order to make sure your event is color coordinated. Your DJ will set up and break down all of these lights so you do not have to worry about a thing.



You'll have it all! A DJ, MC, Lighting and a Photo-Booth. Our entertainment specialists will work with your planner to ensure that your photo booth is placed in the perfect spot. Ideally, it will be placed in a spot with the most guest traffic to allow your guest to utilize the photo booth to its full potential. If you're on the fence about a photo-booth, TRUST US, it completely elevates your wedding day. We have seen so many couples who are grateful they purchased a photo booth months after their wedding day. The photos are the perfect memento for you and your guests.

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