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Full Planning & Design

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Service Description

Our full coordination package is perfect for those couples who would like guidance on decor and everything else. With this package we will take care of all the logistics while still including you in all of the creative process. When you purchase our full coordination package you will be able to feel confident that every aspect of your wedding will be in the hands of seasoned professionals. This package includes: a consultation, design session, booking appointments, vendor referrals, ceremony rehearsal, timelines, layouts and full wedding day coordination. First Consultation This will include the discussion of your vision and who you are as a couple. We believe in the importance of getting to know each other first so that we can assist you in the best way possible. We will talk about a budget so that our team will be knowledgeable of what vendors to bring to the table during our design session. Our event team has carefully curated a list of preferred vendors which we will provide you. This list will help you choose which unique vendors you would like to utilize in order to make your wedding the most magical. Design Session We will discuss things like your guest count, when to send wedding invitations, what type of table settings you would like, florals, color schemes, bar services, dance floor options, music, lighting, and catering options. Appointments Our team will curate a schedule so that you can taste the food, drinks, and desserts that you would like to have served during your wedding from different catering companies. If a wedding venue has not already been booked, we are more than happy to set up tours for you and your fiancé as well. We will also set appointments with different rental companies so that you may choose what type of dinner ware you would like to provide for your special day. Timelines and Layouts Using a special platform, we will create different layouts that you may choose from in order to style your wedding venue as intimate or extravagant as you choose. Timelines can be tricky but we are here to help. We will create a very detailed timeline for your big day, which we will assist with in order to make sure that your wedding runs smoothly and on time. The Big Day When the day arrives we will be the first ones at the wedding venue and the ones to see you off. We will have our team on site who will make sure there are no hiccups and will leave you feeling assured that beautiful memories were made and will never be forgotten.

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