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Partial Planning & Design

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Service Description

Our Gold package is perfect for those couples who have a good idea of what they would like to do for their wedding but would still like to have additional support. With our gold package we will meet with you to discuss potential wedding ideas and then help you execute your vision. We will help you with design, layouts, timelines, your ceremony rehearsal as well as be at your wedding venue from start to finish on the big day. First Consultation This will include the discussion of your vision and who you are as a couple. We believe in the importance of getting to know each other first so that we can assist you in the best way possible. We will talk about a budget so that our team will be knowledgeable of what vendors to bring to the table during our design session. Our event team has carefully curated a list of preferred vendors which we will provide you. This list will help you choose which unique vendors you would like to utilize in order to make your wedding the most magical. Design Session We will meet to discuss your guest count, what type of table settings you would like, florals, color schemes, bar services, dance floor options, music, lighting, and catering options. Timelines and Layouts Using a special platform, we will create different layouts that you may choose from in order to style your wedding venue as intimate or extravagant as you choose. Timelines can be tricky but we are here to help. We will create a very detailed timeline for your big day, which we will assist with in order to make sure that your wedding runs smoothly and on time. Ceremony Rehearsal Before the wedding we will have a run through of what your ceremony will be like. We will guide you and your wedding party every step of the way to ensure that when your guests see you say “I do” everything will be perfect. The Big Day When the time comes we will be the first ones at the wedding venue and the ones to see you off. We will have our team on site who will make sure there are no hiccups and will leave you feeling assured that beautiful memories were made and will never be forgotten. We will provide you with a sense of clarity knowing that our team has everything handled from setting the tables with perfection, making sure that the dinner is placed in front of your guests on time and full clean up at the end of the night. We never skip a beat when it comes to your wedding day and have the experience under our belt where we are prepared for anything.

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