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Wedding Management

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Service Description

Our Wedding Management is perfect for those couples who have a great idea of what their vision is. With our wedding management package we will create layouts and a timeline in order to best assist you in making your big day perfect. We will also decide on a time to do a ceremony rehearsal so that everything goes according to plan for when you say “I Do.” We will be there from the moment you get to your wedding venue until the point you head out for your honeymoon. Consultation We will meet with you and discuss what you expect on your big day. This aspect of booking with us is extremely important to us. We want to assure you that you will be feeling confident in knowing we will have everything under control on the day of your wedding. We will assist in setting the tables and helping with anything that needs attending to. Timelines and Layouts We will use a special platform in order to help you create layouts for your wedding venue so that the set up is dealt with flawlessly. We do not want you to have to worry about a single thing on the day of your wedding. We will meticulously create a timeline so that everything you want done fits into your day. It is our duty to make sure that the whole day goes according to plan. The Big Day and Ceremony Rehearsal It is important to us that you feel comfortable about how the ceremony will go and in order to do that we will have a rehearsal of what will exactly happen during your ceremony. This will ensure that the whole day will be perfect and beautiful. We will arrive at the venue at the very beginning of the day in order to make sure that everything is looking amazing. At the end of the night will make sure that all gifts are put in a special place so that you may collect them the next day. We will break down the wedding and make sure that all of the clean up necessary gets done. With Scott Matthew Event Planning the whole party will stay on time and we will make sure that you have a wonderful send off to go enjoy your honeymoon.

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